Lost & Found available now!

Dear listeners,
a new release ‘Lost & Found‘ is officially out today on CD and Digital. Wonderful artwork by Francisca Pageo and audio analog mastered by Ian Hawgood. Released through Ad21

“The artist takes four songs that were once buried and lost in other collections, curating them together to create a new sound and feel. This reimagination allows the listener to discover each piece, as if for the first time. The songs have the power to pull memories from us, of either real or imagined experience and the ethereal sounds are, at once, familiar and an exploration. This transformation invites the listener to experience Lost & Found as an act of losing and finding something again”
Note that only in the CD and the digital version on Bandcamp have a bonus track called ‘What I Dreamed’ Thanks for listening! much love to you, B.S.-

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