Lost & Found

Cover Photo by Francisca Pageo
Analog Mastered on a classic SSL desk and Studer A80 reel-to-reel by Ian Hawgood.
Release date: 20 October 2017 by ad21

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1- Peter
2- inTROpiano
3- Piano Texture Found
4- Solitario
5- What I Dreamed [bonus track*]

The artist takes four songs that were once buried and lost in other collections, curating them together to create a new sound and feel. This reimagination allows the listener to discover each piece, as if for the first time. The songs have the power to pull memories from us, of either real or imagined experience and the ethereal sounds are, at once, familiar and an exploration.
This transformation invites the listener to experience Lost & Found as an act of losing and finding something again. 

Track list:
1. Peter is Sanfilippo’s contribution to the Ambientblog 10th Anniversary Collection released in 2015
2. InTROpiano is a piece which belongs to the album InTRO [ad21 2006]
3. Piano Texture Found is a piece which belongs to the EP Piano Texture Found, released by the Italian Net Label Laverna in 2012
4. Solitario also belongs to Piano Texture Found EP 
5. [bonus track*] What I dreamed  was just rescued from the hard drive of the studio recorder computer
bonus track *Only available on CD and digital version through Bandcamp Music service

“Bruno Sanfilippo has wowed a few of us here at the Towers in the past and he looks set to continue doing so with his latest Lost & Found, on his own ad21 label” Norman Records

“Sanfilippo works in a well-established genre, but he does so with a mature, tremendously sure hand. This collection is an impressive introduction for those of us who haven’t had the pleasure” Badd Press