Inside Life

Piano & electronics · B.S.
Cello by Julián Kancepolski
Voice in track 3 by Mariel Aguilar
Track 3 is a tribute to Camille Saint-Saëns
Voice in track 7 · B.S.
Analog Mastered by Ian Hawgood · Tokio
Artwork & layout by Andy Ruggia · Buenos Aires

Release date: 12 Feb 2015 by ad21
Limited to 500 copies

CD Denovali | Norman Records | Stashed Goods | Tower Records Japan

1- Sudden Quietness
2- Freezing Point
3- Camille
4- A door opens forever
5- The Place where dying crows
6- Tea Leaves At The Bottom Of A Cup
7- Inside life

“Inside Life immerses the listener into magnificently expressive modern classical realms, tranquilly minimal, yet exquisitely nuanced, abundantly poignant and delicately filigree, where stirringly pensive sadness is masterfully counterpointed with hauntingly embracing stillness, while intensely evocative ambient subtleties are deliberately permeated by yearning haze. A truly fabulous bravura performance by Bruno Sanfilippo and his guests!”

“Even after twenty years, Bruno Sanfilippo‘s sound continues to develop. In last year’s review of ClarOscuro, we noted that we liked the artist’s new direction: subtler electronics and supporting strings. The piano remains the central instrument, but a light dusting of sugar is better than a drenching of glaze” A Closer Listen

“Who said the art of making an album was dead? ‘Inside Life’ is a great record, and (oh, happy day!) one of those that gets better and better as it goes along. It’s a mind blowingly beautiful record” Incendiary Magazine
“Inside Life is cerebral and exquisite, yet unflinching in its examination of an unquiet mind, an album that will alternately challenge and delight the thoughtful listener” Stationary Travels.