Assistant engineer: Lluis Molas
Piano: Bruno Sanfilippo
Violoncello: Manuel del Fresno
Violin: Pere Bardagí
Mastered at Splendour Mastering · Barcelona
Cover photo by Kaifa Ceralde Sarmiento
Art Direction Ximena Contreras

Release date: 15 May 2014 by ad21
Second Edition ltd. to 509 copies

CD Denovali | Norman Records | Stashed Goods | Tower Records Japan

1- Claroscuro
2- Absenta
3- Aquarelle sur papier
4- A constant passion
5- The movement of the grass
6- Luciana
7- It happens on the ship
8- Aquarelle sur toile
9- Day by Day

Now with ClarOscuro he makes his step into modern classical music by presenting his first composition work for piano trio. Most of the nine tracks on the album feature Sanfilippo along with the collaboration of the spanish musicians Manuel del Fresno on cello and Pere Bardagi on violin, while some of the tracks still let the sensitive piano playing stands on its own. With the fragility and beauty of some Arvo Pärt compositions and a high cinematic touch, ClarOscuro brings the perfect soundtrack for an imaginary movie.

“The Sanfilippo’s entry into this field is a truly lovely and very self-assured album of pieces either for solo piano or for piano and strings. This album has to be considered a triumph for Sanfilippo’s career” Make Your Own Taste

“Not only is Sanfilippo still recording, he’s continuing to expand his palette. ClarOscuro arrives on the heels of Piano Textures 1, 2 and 3, which seemed to be his magnus opus until the new disc dropped” A Closer Listen

“His playing has a grace, purity and tenderness I’ve not heard in some time. No more words needed other than nine spacious tracks that can only be described as achingly beautiful” Norman Records.