Upon Contact Reworked

Mastered by Taylor Dupree in NYC
All reworked tracks mastered by Ian Hawgood · Tokio
Artwork & Art Direction by Ximena Contreras

Release date: 21 May 2015 through ad21
Limited to 500 copies

CD Denovali | Norman Records | Stashed Goods | Tower Records Japan

Upon Contact Reworked is a collaborative work from Bruno Sanfilippo that features some of the most highly acclaimed artists from the electronic music scene including Francesco Giannico, Olan Mill, Leonardo Rosado, Jorge Haro, Quivion and Hior Chronic in which an original piece written for piano is re-envisioned by each artist.

“There are quite a lot remix compilations floating around, but rarely have they been presented as a conceptual unity like this album, which feels like it could’ve been the work of one single artist. I guess that proves the strength of the original underlying composition of Upon Contact” Ambiantblog

“37 wonderful minutes, adorned by the cooperating guest musicians with sober electronic and organic sounds, without damaging the intent of the original composition. Beautiful album.” Peek-A-Boo Magazine

“The true wonder of ‘Upon Contact Reworked’ is in it’s building, pristine nature. Every second of the album has a wholly organic feel, with no distracting over-production or superfluous notes, just a simple, direct piano melody and an abundance of creativity” Anthem Review”It is the coherent recontextualizing of each track and the selection of sensitive interpreters that makes Upon Contact Reworked all of piece, an engrossing, pleasant listening experience” Cyclic Defrost