The Poet

Analog Mastered by Ian Hawood · Tokio
Piano: Bruno Sanfilippo
Cello: Julián Kancepolski
Violin: Pere Bardagí

Release date: 29 April 2016 by 1631Recordings
CD limited to 999

CD available:
Denovali | Norman Records | P*dis | Amazon | Stashed Goods | White Noise

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1- The Poet
2- Before Nightfall
3- Silk Offering
4- Dead’s Hope
5- The Legend Of The Sailor
6- An Omen
7- The Book Without Words
8- Seventy-seven Years Later
9- Iron Horse
10- The Four Keys
11- Abandoned Carousel

Bruno Sanfilippo as “The Poet” paints 11 sonic canvas of exhaustively expressive modern classical minimalism at its most exceedingly exquisite and profoundly poignant. With luminary contributions of kindred souls, Julián Kancepolski (cello) and Pere Bardagí (violin), Bruno’s narrative piano wizardry significantly exhibits in awe-inspiring equilibrium with performing delicacies of his mates. The beauty of magnificently evocative quietudes is in full blossom, immerse yourself into the poet’s tremendously embracing palette of lyrical mastery and sensitive insignias as this might be his magnum opus.

“At the very least, one could say that The Poet is right up there with Sanfilippo’s finest releases”

”Another masterpiece of texture, sound, and composition, ‘The Poet’ draws the listener further into Bruno’s creative space than ever before, and once the colours of the album finally wash from your skin, you’ll feel all the better for it” Rating: 9 out of 10 · Anthem Review