Analog Mastered by Ian Hawgood
Cover Image and Music Video by Neema Gary
Layout CD by Javier Guglielmi

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1- Redes
2- Connectivity
3- Message
4- Socials
5- Signal
6- Global
7- Crypto
8- Followers
9- Hater

REDES’ – it means ‘Networks’ in Spanish – may be a departure from Sanfilippo’s usual, piano-led compositions, but it’s no less captivating or thoughtful. Deeply emotional and tender, it’s one of his most profound works to date – nine tracks full of gentle synth washes, soft intricate details, and warm electronic textures. The music was written and recorded during the winter of 2021 at Onix II Studio, in his mountain house on the outskirts of Barcelona. 

«I often», Bruno explains, «tackle universal themes in my music, expressing emotions that aren’t easily defined. We have never been as connected to each other as we are at this point in history. Ephemeral but extensive, our bonds have multiplied thanks to social media and new and fascinating technologies; ‘connectivity’, ‘signal’, ‘followers’, ‘crypto’… We are increasingly defined by those connections and bonds, both real and digital, and ‘REDES’ is my deconstruction of that idea»