December 2022

I want to thank you all for enjoying the music together, which is the universal language that unites us. I’m confident that whatever circumstance we have experienced this year it has made us stronger and wiser. In my experience, that strength has turned into patience and acceptance. Unfortunately, shortly before the pandemic, I’ve had to quit concerts due to a physical problem, which even though it’s not serious, is painful, and sometimes hinders the necessary fluidity in the movements of my fingers. I’ve lost not only the tours but also a source of emotional and spiritual contact. Looking forward to the day we can meet again on stage.
The good thing is that, yet with some difficulty but with the same enthusiasm, I can work in my Onix II Studio, in fact, we plan to release a new album before the end of this season.
The only thing with no mystery is happiness, because it justifies itself” (J.L.Borges)
May all your days be happy, from my mountain studio-home, in Barcelona, B.S