Recorded by Bruno at Onix II Studio · Barcelona · 2020/21
Analog Mastered by Ian Hawgood
Cover photo and layout CD by Ximena Contreras
Music Video by Aleix Font
Violin in ‘Amapola’ by Laura Masotto
Cello in ‘Amber Light’ by Antonio Cortesi

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1- Tangible
2- Fleeing to the City
3- Hugs
4- Amapola
5- Burned Rose
6- Touching wet Ground
7- A Rain of Stones
8- Amber Light
9- Bitter Root
10- Multi-Screens
11- A Child Hugging the Tree
12- Intangible

“Tangible was composed towards the end of the Covid lockdown. It’s inspired by personal reflection about real and virtual experiences; society has been forced to evolve in terms of how we relate to each other, and to spend a large amount of time staring at screens. However, as the poet Pedro Salinas reminds us: “You always live in your actions. With the tips of your fingers you press the world, you tear off auroras, triumphs, colors, joys: it’s your music. Life is what you touch”. 
In this way, the album aims to evoke the strength and purity of the tangible – the experience of hugging, touching wet soil, or getting gently wet from a fine drizzle, arms open and looking up at the sky” B.S

“Right from the start, Bruno Sanfilippo’s Tangible is a blissful, serene dream. The record’s songs blossom gently, like an autumn sunrise, and convey a profound sense of joy and euphoria. Combining piano, strings, and minimalist electronica, there’s real beauty here too; fragile piano lines woven with soaring strings and soft synth washes. Yet Bruno doesn’t merely evoke deep emotions – his work is playful in places, imbued with a little mischief. It’s what gives Tangible its heart and humanity. Sinking into these twelve tracks is wondrously life-affirming, and confirms Sanfilippo as one of the best, most soulful pianists and composers in the world” Derek Robertson, Freelance journalist and music writer: Guardian, Independent, NME, VICE, Timeout, The Quietus, The Face.