Suite Patagonia

Recorded at Osiris Studio, Buenos Aires
Mastered by Javier Cosentino at Cosentino Studio, Buenos Aires
Assistant Engineers: J.M.Bordiga & F.Carlomagno
Graphic design & photography: Gastón Ruíz
Natalia Chiambaretta: Violin, Paulo Carri: Quenas, Quenachos, Trutruca*, Pifilca*
Bruno Sanfilippo: electronic, kultrum* chascas*

Roberto Straneck: recording of patagonian birds.
Track 1″Sayhueque” (at the beginning and at the end) “Chucao” bird (Scelorchilus rubecula)
Its powerful song resounds in the woods of the Nahuel Huapi National Park in Patagonia.
End of track 2 and beginning of track 3: colonies of Magallanic pinguins.
Track 4 “Magallanes” Black-Crowned Night-Heron (Nycticorax nycticorax) Usually at night, its harsh sharp song can be heard at the seashore of the of Tierra del Fuego island and the Magellan Strait.
Track 5 “Fuegia & Jemmy” a) sounds emitted by “ballena Franca” whales (Balaena australis), highly coveted by the indians of the Magellan Strait and later by european seamen of the XVII and XVIII centuries.
b) Original recording of a ritual song of extinguished indian tribes of the southernmost tip of Patagonia.

CD released by ad21 ad104 – 2000

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‘Dedicated to the incredible histories that harboured the lands of the Patagonia. The Cacique Sayhueque, the Patagonian Giant’s myth, the admiration of the colonists before an unknown fauna, the contact between the native ones and Magellan’s men, curious histories that touch with the magic and the fantasy, full with myths fed by old conquerors, scanners and adventurers. The colourful autochthonous instrumentation with aboriginal songs, sounds of the southern fauna, the European vision of a time, of a place, of numberless histories and legends’
Here Bruno Sanfilippo releases a complex and risky conceptual album about the history of Patagonia, one of the most magical places in Argentina, since it was discovered. The seven instrumental tracks of this album tell seven legends and stories played by Bruno (keyboards, programming, sythns, samplers, kultrum y chascas), Natalia Chiambaretta (Violin) and Paulo Carri (Quenas, quenachos, trutruca, pifilca) ancient instruments of Mapuche (Patagonia´s indians)
On the other hand the album can be enjoyed at its best if you listen to it carefully. If you read the booklet that contains all kind of information and graphics about Patagonia while you´re listening to the music, you´ll enjoy the album while you learn more about that culture.