Subliminal Pulse

Recorded at Onix Studio · Barcelona
Cover & inside photos by Bruno Sanfilippo
CD released by Spotted Peccary 12 April 2011

1- The Third Geometry
2- Santa Luminosa
3- Spirit Allies
4- Intrinsic Fluctuations
5- Subliminal Pulse
6- Slipped Time
7- Alchemical Powers
8- Pulsum Sacrum
9- Mantram

“Now the internationally established instrumentalist delivers his first official US release, Subliminal Pulse, a tranquil and hypnotic ambient musical tapestry comprised of delicate melodies, layered electronics and synth textures that seem to come from deep within a dream. Sanfilippo skillfully crafts the nine purely electronic compositions into an elegant and subtle soundspace of great depth, wonder and serenity.
A myterious mood, although never foreboding, is present throughout the entire album and hovers just on the edge of a shadowy contemplation that leads the listener to deeper regions of introspection. This is the result of Sanfilippo’s desire to create a bridge; a connection between the imagination and the universe.
He explains, “Sometimes, the poetic language of music reveals what cannot be seen.
It shows a reality that has nothing to do with words. With my electronic instruments I take the universe’s ‘Subliminal Pulse’, and I try to build a bridge between my inner pulse and the pulse of the outer space.”