Piano Textures 4

Recorded by Bruno at Onix II Studio · Barcelona · 2016
One Lexicon unit has contributed to the texture of the piano sound, field recordings, and electronic atmospheres.
Cover Photo by Anja Matko
Art Direction by Ximena Contreras
Analog Mastered on a classic SSL desk and Studer A80 reel-to-reel by Ian Hawgood.

Release date: 2nd December 2016 by ad21
CD limited to 500
LP limited to 500

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It is the 4th volume of the Piano Textures Series started in 2007. The newest installment of timelessly acclaimed picturesque storytelling, Piano Textures 4, invites the listener into magnificently intense piano minimalism. These nine compositions are evocative sonic sculptures, meticulously carved, yet they indeed present different ‘textures’.

“It’s a gorgeous collection of pieces that I can’t recommend enough, varied in dynamics and arrangement while remaining loyal to the piano as a focal point” Ear Influxion

“Part of the charm of “Piano Textures 4” is its intimacy and I feel like I am inside the piano at times. It feels like the whole album purposely holds back from going for a full melodic approach though and so some people who are less likely to get lost in mood pieces, may not find what they’re looking for here. Sanfilippo though has created an excellent mood piece for those who do want to get lost in an audio mystery as new layers of piano are unveiled – and if you have your imagination with you – you can wander off anywhere” Simon Smith · Higher Plain Music.