Analog Mastered by Ian Hawgood, Warsaw, Poland
Cover image and inside CD & Sheet Music Book by Larissa Kulik
Score arranged by Chelo Alberti
Graphic design & layout by Nikki Snow #BNBA, Moscow, Russia

Release date: 1st January 2019 by ad21

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1- Pianette
2- Doll
3- La Mariposa
4- Marionette
5- Paloma
6- Multicolor
7- Empty Circus
8- Tin Soldiers
9- Wooden Toys
10- Dreams Of An Elephant
11- ClarOscuro Solo Piano Version
12- Goodness

‘Pianette’ consists of a collection of solo piano compositions inspired by dreams and the bucolic fantasy of mechanical toys, the dolls, the essence of the circus and the puppets. Gezeitenstrom Musik

“A prettier collection of solo piano pieces than this new set by Bruno Sanfilippo would be hard to imagine” Textura Mag.