Pianette 2

“Bruno Sanfilippo is unveiling his latest creation here: ‘Pianette 2’, a captivating piano album that delves into the complexity of emotions and nostalgia. Following in the wake of the first volume, the 12 compositions of ‘Pianette 2’ maintain the enchanting essence of this series, inspired by dreams, the fantasy of mechanical toys, and the essence of the circus.
Bruno immerses himself in his childhood, exploring the magic of memories, innocence, and boundless imagination.

Accompanying this release is an emotional Super 8 film incorporating authentic images from his childhood during the evocative late ’60s in Buenos Aires, revealing intimate family moments that greatly inspired the creation of this music.

ad21 invites music enthusiasts, critics, and followers to embark on the wonderful musical journey of ‘Pianette 2’ and discover the magic emanating from his inseparable instrument, the piano”

1- Dance of Thoughts      
2- Footprints                    
3- Silver Dreams             
4- Amoris                         
5- Black Flowers              
6- ClarOscuro Rose  [ft Mina Esya]     
7- Laberinto                     
9- Multicolor Fireflies      
10-Radio Mechanic          
11-Buenos Aires 1969