Dear B.S listeners,
for those who have not been able to see it, the Live special from my Onix II Studio-Home, in Barcelona, which has been featured in the RudioVírico-10 online Music Festival during the confinement by the Covid-19 last May 24, is now available on my YouTube Channel 

This mini-piano concert lasts approximately 22 minutes.
The audio was mastered by Ian Hawgood and is available now exclusively on Bandcamp. For a while at least, we have set the price to free, with a “Pay Way You Want/Can” setting.

A new work ‘Diamante’ is out now! This is the first single from my upcoming EP album ‘Naipes‘, which will be released on 3 July. 
Follow me on Spotifyif you haven’t already, thank you!  Much love to you all! B.S