Naipes EP is inspired by the ludic experience through the game, this mini album was written and recorded during the confinement of the Covid-19 pandemic on April 2020, in his Onix II Studio-home, near Barcelona

Analog Mastered on a classic SSL desk and Studer A80 reel-to-reel by Ian Hawgood.
Release date: 3 July 2020 by ad21

SHET MUSIC on Bandcamp

1- Pica
2- Diamante
3- Corazon
4- Trebol

“By now you know that whatever you are getting from Barcelona based pianist Bruno Sanfilippo is not going to disappoint. in a world packed with talented composers and pianists Sanfilippo holds his own. “Naipes” which translates to “playing Cards” hence the cover art and imagery present four pieces of solo piano that has been analogue mastered by Ian Hawgood. Inspired by the spontaneous and playful nature of card games, Sanfilippo offers pieces of music that have a combined sense of innocence, playfulness, light and romance. Sanfilippo is more than adept behind his instrument and his use of a natural close recording style accentuates the quality of both his playing as well as the various timbres of the piano and gives the pieces a rhythmical touch. In a way the Naipes EP is split into two camps. The opening duo “Diamante” and “Trébol” are slower paced pieces that work on more melancholy and shade, while the final two pieces see Sanfilippo increase his pace and exude warmth and tenderness.
As usual it is a tough choice picking a favourite piece as they all hit the mark quite nicely. “Naipes” is a Digital only release and will not disappoint fans and attract a few more” by DRIFTING, ALMOST FALLING.