GoodBye 2020

Dear listeners, 2020 will leave a deep mark on our civilization, which many of us would want to forget.
From the social point of view, human behavior has been exposed,
the intelligence, the stupidity, the greed, the solidarity, and even the arrogance of some political leaders. The pandemic has left us half-naked and in evidence.
Unfortunately, many artists have not been able to exhibit in the rooms. The stages have remained silent, with everything that entails. But if I take off my pessimistic hat, I think that the extensive confinement, and especially the isolation that often inspires musicians, has been well spent. Some of us have been able to channel our experience through art and live through this circumstance of biblical dimensions.

This year I have been in the studio for a long time, it is always exciting to compose and record new music. But I also spent time in ad21’s home office, managing with my wife the releases of Piano Textures 5 in physical and digital formats, later the EP Naipes, and the limited edition of Piano Textures CD Box-Set, which brings together all 5 CDs of the series. I want to thank each and every one of you who have enjoyed and supported my recordings in different ways, especially in these difficult times.
If everything goes well, I will have the opportunity to make new music in the coming year.