Piano Texture Found

Recorded at Onix II Studio
Barcelona 2012
Cover design by ©Vicente Greus
Release date: 15 July 2012
by Laverna net Label

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· Piano Texture Found 6:18
· Solitario 11:42
· Aquarelle sur bois 5:00

Piano Texture Found EP contains three recordings.
On this EP first track, the piano shares a radio interference and overtones electronically generated, which last until the end of the piece.
The second recording of almost twelve minutes is an improvisation estructured on a key that it could sound familiar, since it was used on recordings that belong to other different albums. Even so, this version, “Solitario”, evidently is more calm and spaced than the other ones.
“Aquarelle sur bois” is a recording with no processing whatsoever. The track was taken out of a video clip filmed by Georgie Uris.

“Laverna ha deciso di allontanarsi dal solito percorso espressamente electronic oriented per dedicarsi alla delicata introspezione che solo il suono di un Grand Piano può donare. Lo ha fatto con “Piano Texture Found”, tre tracce di esemplare purezza ambient create da Bruno Sanfilippo, musicista argentino trapiantato a Barcellona, che interpreta la diafana bellezza del silenzio racchiudendolo dentro gocce di limpida sacralità pianistica. Sono improvvisazioni che trasformano l’ascolto in una sorta di meta viaggio dentro i territori poco esplorati della visione e del suo equivalente, il sogno. Da Satie attraverso Budd e molto oltre” Laverna.


  • "Piano Texture Found" is a short EP by Bruno Sanfilippo released through the Laverna net label. For those of you that are familiar with my adoration of Bruno Sanfilippo, I wont keep you in suspense. It's brilliant, wonderful, and everything I would expect from one of my favorite artists. The only drawback I can claim is that its 23 minute running time is too short for my obsessive fandom. I want a SIX HOUR version of this music!!!! Ahem, yes, so, you're still with me then? Excellent. Let's dig a little deeper, shall we? The release opens with the eponymous "Piano Texture Found", a continuation of Bruno's study of organic soundscapes and aural textures. Exquisitely played piano work sets the stage for a stunningly beautiful piece that stands among Bruno's best work. The second track is called "Solitario" and it begins with the sound of piano evoking images of music played in an underwater cavern far beneath the sea. It's a plaintive piece played for heartbroken mermaids, a song that speaks not only of an aquatic performer's sadness, but for every broken heart there ever has been. A beautiful piece of music that brings a tear to my eye every time I hear it. "Aquarelle sur Bois" is another short piece, another of Bruno's delicately beautiful piano creations. The title brings to mind waterlilies, amidst a calm pastoral scene, a brief moment caught perfectly in your memory always associated with that one particular tune or phrase. I'm quite impressed by it's effect, quite impressed by Bruno's masrtery of mood, but really, by now I wouldn't expect anything less than perfection from one of my favorite artists. I go on about Bruno Sanfilippo all the time, saying what a consummate artist he is, and what a fabulous talent he is, and how much I enjoy all of his releases. If you haven't already given a listen to his work, "Piano Texture Found" is an excellent opportunity for you to find out for yourself what I've been talking about, an opportunity for you to decide for yourself if he's as great as I claim he is. Judging by the high quality of this free net release, I think you'll be agreeing with me.
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